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GUIStuff Generation Tools

Spice up your website with our free "GuiStuff Tools"!
Fill out quick and easy options and then copy and paste into your own website.

Flash Generators . . .
Flash Navbar
Flash navigational bar generator. Several button styles to choose from, with more being added regularly.
Flash ToolTip
Flash-based content tooltips, triggered by JavaScript.
Flash Status Bar
Flash-based status bar, for content notes, triggered by JavaScript.
Flash Drop-Down
Floating, expandable drop-down menu.
Flash Topbar
Flash Topbar generator. Several button styles to choose from, with more being added regularly.

Graphic Generators . . .
Graphic Navbar
Graphic button navigational bar generator. More than 20 styles to choose from.
Drop-Down Menu
From-based drop-down menu, with graphic title.
Adv. Navbar
Mouse-Over enabled navbar generator.

DHTML/CSS Generators . . .
CSS Navbar
CSS-based navigational bar generator. Extremely customizable.
Floating, expandable DHTML 'Dock Menu'.
DHTML content tooltips. 2 Content areas, customizable appearance.

JavaScript/CSS Coders . . .
CSS Coder
Quick tool for creating CSS tags for buttons, forms, and text.
Pop-Up Coder
Window pop-up coder. Select your window's options, and the JavaScript is created for you.
IE5.5 Scrollbars
Internet Explorer 5.5+ scrollbar theme coder.

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