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Hosting FAQ
k9websites_sml1.gif Frequently asked questions about our services
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 Date Item Title   Hits
9 May  What types of services can you provide?   4579
9 May  Will you provide ongoing site management services after my web site is designed and published?   4566
7 May  Can I use my account for commercial purposes?   4552
7 May  Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?   4635
7 May  Do you provide Dial-Up access to the Internet?   4632
9 May  I don't know anything about HTML or web site design or graphics programs. Can you teach me?   4474
7 May  Do I need the WWW in the internet address for my site?   4692
7 May  How do I transfer my Website to you?   4670
7 May  Transferring My site sounds too hard, can you do it?   4665
7 May  I've decided to go with you, now what do I do?   4645
7 May  My ISP does web hosting, why should I consider you to do the same thing?   4604
7 May  But I can get a completely FREE website many places on the web.. Why should I pay for one?   4512
7 May  Ok, I am interested, but I have someone else doing my site design work, does this matter?   4488
7 May  How long does it take to set up an account with you?   4440
7 May  Ok, Now I am confused.. You have so many different plans I don't know what to choose.   4470
7 May  I see you have Feature and Economy plans, what is the difference?   4648
7 May  What if I don't want to get my own domain name, but still want a web site?   4545
7 May  What are your policies and terms of use for the sites you host?   18819
7 May  What about technical support with your various plans?   4413
7 May  How many support issues do you get in the typical week?   4796
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